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    • Silver plated nickel plated copper material
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      • copper plated fiber

        Category:Silver plated nickel plated copper material

      • model:copper plated fiber

      • Price:¥999.00

      • Release time:2024-6-18 10:41:4

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        Copper plating fiber is the process of covering the surface of the fiber with a copper layer.Through electroplating or chemical reaction, copper ions are reduced and deposited on the fiber, giving the fiber the properties and functions of copper.

      Copper-plated fiber has the following characteristics and applications:

      • Conductivity: Copper-plated fibers can become conductive materials and are used to make conductive fibers, electronic components, etc.。
      • Antibacterial properties: Copper has certain antibacterial properties, and copper-plated fibers can be used to make antibacterial textiles, medical equipment, etc.。
      • Electromagnetic shielding: Copper-plated fiber has good electromagnetic shielding properties and is suitable for making electromagnetic shielding fabrics and materials。
      • Function enhancement: Copper-plated fiber can give the fiber other special functions, such as anti-static, sensor, etc.。

      Copper-plated fibers are widely used in electronics, medical, textile and other fields, and have important industrial and technological value.

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